Book Review Policy

As a prolific writer and reader, I do have to set some boundaries and stipulations about what I’m willing to read. I will not read the following books from these genres: romance, erotica, non-fiction, religion, or self-help. Depending on the number of books that are waiting to be read, it may be a while until I start reading so-and-so book. Since I do have a life outside of the net (weird, right?), I will not read every book that is recommended. If I find a book that’s sadly not catching my interest, I will not finish it. Any book that rates under a two will not be reviewed. Trust me. You wouldn’t want me to.

I consider these aspects when I rate/review books:

  • Story/Plot
  • Characters
  • Writing/Style
  • Ending/Conclusion
  • Personal Enjoyment

Lastly when I write reviews, I’ll discuss parts of the book that worked and didn’t work, which, if you recommend a book for me to review, there’s no guarantee it will receive a positive review. Recommendations are not guarantees.

If you’re a self-published author wanting to submit your book, please provide a short blurb describing your lovely story, and I will take it under consideration. Thank you.


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