Life Doesn’t Stop for NaNoWriMo

Writing is tough. I’m not even going to tell you how hard it is. For me, it’s not the writing everyday that’s hard. I do that already. Writing to meet a word count of around 2,000 per day? I feel constipated, or I feel I’ve come down with diarrhea.

18337 words. I’d like to happily just sigh and call it a day. It’s been that kind of day already with only 100 words written. Saturday I need to reach 25,000 words to be on track and to be ‘finished’ by the end of November.

I’m telling you. Punching out of novel is both a high and mood defibrillator. This is around the time that I lose momentum and make excuses for myself. Sometimes I wish I was a train.

Instead of explaining to you these excuses, I have decided to follow Amy Poehler’s lead and name off titles for my future memoir, if the day ever comes when I’ll feel reflective and hopefully old enough to have something to pass on to people. Looking at you Lena Dunham!

  • The Anti-Slug Manual Guidebook: Move Your Ass
  • How To Shove Socks in Your Future Family’s Mouth
  • Stick a Tampon In It and Drink Cappuccino!
  • Phone Plagues: Finding The Off Button
  • No For Right Now Or Maybe Never: It’s MY Life People.
  • No One Understands Me. Who Gives a S%*&. You’re Writing!
  • A Long Time Ago I Had Time For This.

We all have our excuses. We have our reasons. You may actually have excuses and reasons. For you guys, I’m sorry. Life can be unfair and cruel.

I’m just saying: wouldn’t it be nice just to tell yourself, “yeah, I can do this,” and then go through with it?

You can do this, is what I’ll say. One day at a time.

P.S. – Book reviews will resume on Monday, December 1.

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