Dear Readers: Colds and Tornadoes

Dear Readers,

Last week, there were zero posts made here at the Hermit Book Corner.

*Gasp, followed by a screeching ‘how could you?!’*

I know, and I’m sorry.

I’ve been dealing with a maelstrom of colds, which I did not know could happen. I was under the impression that once you’re sick and get better, you have at least another six to eight months of good times before the next one attacks.

I stand corrected.

And I am someone who rarely ever comes down sick! A headache and maybe some nausea, but the OMG-someone-smother-me-with-a-pillow sick? That’s happened once, and it was mono, or if you want to be technical, mononucleosis.

What I had this time was a head cold. The other thing you should know about me is when I get sick, head colds are among the most common illness I am sick with. Not influenza or sinus infections. Swampy intense head colds. The kind that makes you feel like everything in your head is impacting. I had that kind, which makes for very bad writing, thus, bad reviews. Plus, I wasn’t conscious enough to write. I almost slept uninterrupted for two days. That’s my cure: sleep until you don’t feel sick anymore, and a vitamin C tablet. Those things are amazing.

Part two of the reason I did not post in a timely manner was a tornado, the one that is being covered all over the news. Before worry pours in, know that I live twenty minutes away from the town that was sadly destroyed and that I also live in a garden-style apartment, aka, the basement. I was safe, however, there were people who were not and someone who I know who wasn’t. He’s been recuperating in the hospital. The good news is he has been discharged and is recovering at his home. He’s been dubbed The Tornado, even though, Colossal sounds way cooler. There are not enough nerds/geeks at work. It’s been a weird week.

He was very, very lucky, but sadly, there are people in Fairdale who were not and are without homes or supplies. If you feel like contributing or donating, check out this link for more information, or simply go here to donate. From what I understand, donations/supplies are flooding in, but every little bit counts.

Find my next book review this Wednesday, April 15 and be well.



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