GRE Boot Camp: Posts Hiatus


Greeting Followers!

The first thing I want to say to all of you is how appreciative I am for you guys deciding to take an interest in my book blog. I reached over a hundred followers some weeks ago, and I could hardly believe it! Thank you!

I started this book blog because, like so many others book bloggers, I love books, and it just made sense to me that I should create a place where I can discuss, analyze, and, yes, sometimes rant about the books I’ve read or things going on in the book world.

Unfortunately I don’t have any book-related posts for you guys this week. I am currently undergoing preparation and studying for the ego-crushing GRE, the Graduate Record Exam, so that I can go to graduate school in the near future. After months of studying for the test, it’s less than two weeks away, and I’ve arrived at the point of my preparation that I’m officially dubbing Boot Camp.

I’m cramming words like disabuse, defray, and vicissitude into my cranium because these are, apparently, words we should all theoretically know and use in everyday conversation. Not to mention, we need to be able to distinguish between malapropistic words and words, such as ‘wanting’ which means ‘lacking’ and ‘fell’ which means ‘terribly evil.’


Here’s the funny part: according to the standardized testing evaluation, my weakest area is reading comprehension.

Again, what??!

And it’s apparently one of the hardest areas to improve on. Yayyyyyyyy.

In preparation for The First GRE, I’m putting in more hours into practice tests, flashcards, etc., which sadly means I need to temporarily put any book-related posts on hold.

I’ll resume posting on Wednesday, June 10 and will hopefully have ready for you a post reviewing a Classic.

One last shameless promotion: If you feel so inclined, follow me @myhermitsanctum and get updates about my recent posts and/or book-related links.

Thanks again for following!


5 thoughts on “GRE Boot Camp: Posts Hiatus

  1. What is it that you’re taking the GRE for? What graduate program do you intend to pursue?

    The primary reason to care about the general GRE is because field-independent, internal funding depends on it.


    • Other than being a prerequisite for enrolling into a majority of grad schools here (or at least the ones I want to go to), I’m pursuing my English Literature degree for academic teaching. That is so interesting though and didn’t realize it actually served quintessential purpose other than evaluation.


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