Erica Danielle B
United States

Bio: Book lover, dog lover, and a lover of all things sweet. Unlike most of the book community, I fell in love with reading later in life, writing being my first love. Friends label me a workaholic; I just like to keep busy. I’m in the middle of completing my first novel to be submitted for publication, studying/saving for graduate school, and creating my first book blog. Reading is nourishment. When I’m not reading, I’m not happy, and the same goes for writing. A few more fun facts about me: I’m an angry baker, a hiker, painter, recipe book hoarder, and garage sale shopper. When I’m not reading/writing, I’m in an anime marathon. Follow me on Twitter @myhermitsanctum, if you feel so inclined, or write me at myhermitsanctum@gmail.com to submit any of your book recommendations. Please check out my Book Review Policy first.

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